SME100 Fast Moving Companies 2016



We put up these 3 slides on a LED Panel on 19-23 December 2016. This panel was located at WOLO Hotel Building, Junction of Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.


SME100 2016 Winner's Publication

From its inception in 1983, CONSPEC has served Developers and Main Contractors with landscape architecture and design-and-build solutions by “Delivering Quality on time.” CONSPEC’s products include:

  1. Conpave Texture Concrete
  2. Greenology Greenwalls
  3. Artificial Greenwalls
  4. Granopave Engineered Concrete

We reinvented our business from marginal to leapfrog growth in 2015 with Blue Ocean Strategy. Our vision is “To be the best landscape solutions provider in Malaysia”. Three of our on-going transformation initiatives are:

  1. Building People First through 3F: Family, Fitness and Finance. We develop in-house talent with customised mentoring, training, and site-crit sessions; reward them with performance-based profit-sharing.
  2. Forming Strategic Partnerships with Greenology, Singapore and Urbanis Co Ltd, Thailand.
  3. Full IT automation of our daily operations with Total Management System.

Our new initiatives grew our business turnover from RM16 Million in 2014 to book order of RM40 million till March 2017.

Since 2015, CONSPEC has donated over RM100,000.00 to:

  1. Landscape Master Planning, Micro hydro installation and clean water piping - Long Terawan, Mulu.
  2. School Field Upgrading - SKJC Chee Wen.
  3. Landscape Upgrading - Penang Chinese Girls’ School.

With integrity as our foundation, CONSPEC makes history by transforming our people and the community.


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