Conspec believes that strategic partnerships with companies overseas is the way forward for global expansion; mutually beneficial to all parties. Joining forces with established companies has been our goal to increase our resources, bringing the best expertise and latest technology into Malaysia.


Greenology Pte Ltd, Singapore


Conspec is the sole distributor of Greenology’s products in Malaysia. We currently distribute Greenology’s products of Vertical Greening (GVG), Grow Lights (GGL), Living Art (GLA). Hence we distribute greenwalls, lighting allows plants to grow indoors and moss art. These technologies have met with great success in Singapore.


Greenology has an extensive portfolio of projects including indoor Greenwalls in Changi Airport, a world-class Airport. Bringing ideas and trends from overseas continues to keep us innovating and able to offer the world-best products to the Malaysian market.


As Greenology researches on farming in limited urban spaces through Vertical Agriculture (GVA) and VertiVegies, we are excited to see what lies ahead in the future of landscaping.


Managing Director, Mr Veerasekaran is passionate about Urban Farming, and helping the underprivileged through his business. In this, we share his passion for helping those in need.