Urbanis Co Ltd

Conspec believes that strategic partnerships with companies overseas is the way forward for global expansion; mutually beneficial to all parties. Joining forces with established companies has been our goal to increase our resources, bringing the best expertise and latest technology into Malaysia.


Urbanis Co Ltd, Thailand http://urbanis.asia/


Urbanis Co Ltd (Thailand) shares the name with our associated company, Urbanis Landscape Design (M) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia). Urbanis has created a name of building resort hotels around the world. The Company has extensive experience in Masterplanning, Mixed and Commercial as well as high and low-rise Residential Developments. We bring the best experts from overseas and concepts of a different International flavour to our clients.


Through mutual collaboration, the two companies co-create beautiful international projects from around the world. Through referrals and cross-sharing we synergise together to bring clients breathtaking landscapes that differentiate us from the local market; yet at the same level of attentive service.


Mr Sathok Tunyapakornsiri, Managing Director of Urbanis Co Ltd, shares with us the vision of customising each design to suit the client’s needs. Each project is created to achieve quality and beauty unparalleled.