To be the Best Landscape Solutions Provider


We serve developers, main contractors and key players in the landscape industry by providing innovative solutions to help them achieve value-added products.

By doing this, our organization achieves market recognition, with an enlarged customer base, by being among the top 3 recognized SMEs in the country. We drive our organization’s economic model through providing exceptional products and services.

We reward our people with 3F training & mentoring for personal and career development, together with profit-sharing.


1. Excellence / High Quality – We cultivate an attitude of excellence in the delivery of our products and services.
2. Good Reputation – We deliver what we promise.
3. Focus – We are committed to deliver quality on time
4. Passionate – We create enthusiastic self-starters.
5. People-Centred – We practice relational leadership
6. Performance-Driven Rewards – We reward those who go the extra-mile, with great results.
7. Mentoring Intrapreneurs – We empower people to lead within our organisation
8. Balanced 3F Integration – We create synergistic growth with 3F, i.e. family, finance and fitness.