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Irama Wangsa

Inspired by the Huacachina oasis in Peru, Irama Wangsa is located 8 km from Kuala Lumpur City Centre and was designed to be a haven from the busyness of the city.  A condominium in the Klang Valley with a private hillpark, extensive revegetation was done in stages to preserve the heritage of this birdwatching location.  Residents enjoy the hillpark through hiking and par course exercises, while pathways lead users to the podium to enjoy the pool, BBQ, badminton courts and recreational activities.  Irama Wangsa has multi-functional facilities customised to different age groups, revitalising spaces for this community.

Designed by Convergence By Design, Irama Wangsa won an Honour Award for the MLAA 2019 for Landscape Consultancy. Built by Conspec Builders, the project also won an the MLAA 2019 Honour Award for Landscape Construction.

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